Week 52, A.K.A. "Recharge Week"

With Empathy for what Santa's Elves Go Through!

Somehow we're already into the weekend, in between Holidays, and the pull to "routine" is already beginning. I had to remind myself, no give myself permission, to slow down and refocus on the things that matter. Of course I spent some quality time with my loved ones and that recharges the batteries most of the way. However to "Top Up" my batteries to 100% I love to go it alone and indulge in something creative. I like treat myself to something fun, new, whimsical. Something I haven't tried before. Sometimes it's a new game, sometimes it's making a photo with a new technique. I'm pining over photo compositing or "photomanipulation" so I decided to give that a try this year.

Like a lot of things in life, this personal time is more about the journey than the destination. I learned a lot in my many attempts to combine two simple images into a new composite. I could feel my brain being more "plasticy" as it grappled with new concepts and dimensions of layered art.  What a rush!

This block of creativity and rest from routine helps me put the Big Picture into perspective. Stepping away and indulging for a few hours helps me rest and recharge and energy to passionately pursue the important things in my life. 

2015 will be here in no time, and with it new opportunities, challenges and rewards that will keep us all plenty busy and tax our batteries. How are you going to recharge and "Top Up" for 2015?