I grew up in Florida. Went to school in Michigan. Been living in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1998.

I have 20+ years experience and have held nearly every role within a software company: R&D, Product Management / Marketing, Sales Engineering, Professional Services, Support, Finance, Facilities, and HR.

That experience gives me perspective on what's needed at the beginning when starting a company, and to know what's lurking around the corner as the company grows.

Some Odd Facts About Me:

  • Rescued a sea turtle 80 feet underwater
  • Helped design the first solar powered car to cross the country
  • Jumped off a mountain to paraglide down
  • Very comfortable with a chainsaw
  • Test drove a Ferrari 458 Italia in Las Vegas
  • Been electrocuted more times than I'd like to admit
  • Wakeboarded behind a jetski
  • Drink a bullet-coffee nearly every day
  • Can swim farther than 30 meters underwater
  • Flown in a helicopter more than my fair share

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