Curiosity drives my work, art, and play.

Among my faves are start-ups, photos, and DIY projects.

My favorite part of the creative process is starting at zero. The critical point to connect people and ideas to create a shared vision.

I get giddy anticipating tackling the torrent of challenges, "unknown unknowns" with limited resources. 

I'm addicted to the essential accelerated learning when starting at zero.

I grew up on the East Coast. Went to school in the Mid-West and have lived and worked in the Bay Area since 1998.

I have 20+ years experience and have held nearly every role within a software company: R&D, Product Management / Marketing, Sales Engineering, Professional Services, Support, Finance, Facilities, and HR.

That experience gives me perspective on what's needed at the beginning when starting a company, and to know what's lurking around the corner as the company grows.

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